Frequently Asked Questions

Every batch of raw material used in a Solaray product is tested to confirm identity, potency and purity.

  1. Identity - samples are compared to known standards, including USP monographs for vitamins and minerals. Many herbal standards have been developed by Solaray.
  2. Potency - Vitamins and minerals are tested to ensure the potency of the active ingredient in the material. Solaray Guaranteed Potency herbals are tested to confirm the concentration of marker compounds as guaranteed on the label.
  3. Purity - All herbal raw materials undergo tests for pesticides, herbicides, microbial contamination, molds and aflatoxins. All minerals are tested for heavy metal contamination and measured down to ppt (parts per trillion) to ensure they meet standards.

More yellow color is merely a change in appearance of the raw material and smaller white particles of magnesium stearate and magnesium oxide can show in the capsules. Most raw materials used in our capsules is of natural origin, meaning they are plants and the raw material color can vary from time to time as plants, vitamins or minerals can vary in its appearance. It definitely does not affect effectiveness or is a concern in terms of consumption.

Solaray Spectro™ strengthens your body with more than vitamins and minerals. Other than vitamins & minerals, Spectro™ also supplies your body with digestive enzymes, whole food, greens, herbs and propolis.

In Solaray Calcium Citrate, calcium is bonded with natural citric acid and this formula is set at pH5.8, which is the optimum pH for calcium absorption. In addition, Solaray Calcium Citrate is also added with Vitamin D and minerals to promote better absorption. Silica Horsetail in the formula helps to "locks" the calcium in the bones to prevent further bone loss.

Vitamin C is very delicate as it is water soluble and sensitive to heat, light and air. Our body cannot make nor store Vitamin C. Solaray Supa Bio-C is a unique Vitamin C formulation which has 2 stages of time release benefits. The first is a fast-acting stage whereby 50% of the vitamin C is rapidly released while the remaining Vitamin C is gradually released in the second stage over a 12-hour period. This is to ensure a continuous supply the whole day through.

Rest assures the Supa Bio C with spotting of the opening of the capsule (Maillard reaction) is safe for consumption. Solaray QC department has confirmed years ago, the spotting caused by the Maillard reaction is commonly found in food. The Maillard Reaction happens during the encapsulation process & visible on the opening of capsules in view that Solaray uses the transparent capsule. There are only spotting around the opening of the capsule. After removing the capsule with Maillard Reaction, the contents in the capsule are fresh and are good quality.

It is recommended to keep Solaray Products in cool dry place below 25°C, keep away for direct sunlight. Once opened the products, please consume within 3 months.

All herb products are hygroscopic in nature and will suck moisture out of the air. Hence, herb supplements should be kept in the cool and dry place (refrigerator) and best consume within 3 months once the bottle is opened.

Rest assured that Solaray capsules will disintegrate within 30 minutes and the ingredients will then travel fast to the target area in your body.

Yes Muslim can consume the gelatin capsule as it is certified as Halal and accredited by Jakim. Click here for Solaray Halal Certificate & List of Solaray Products with Halal Gelatin capsule.

Solaray is fully imported from USA. The product capsules are manufactured in India and the product has Halal logo from India which is accredited by Jakim. The Malaysia Jakim Halal logo is issued by local product which is manufactured in Malaysia. Click here for The Recognised Foreign HALAL Certification Bodies & Authorities By Jakim.

Solaray product is marketed in 60 countries worldwide, the company produces almost 1000 products and provides full line of herbs, herbal extracts, vitamins, minerals and specialty ingredients. The gelatin capsules are imported from India as such it has Halal certification issued from India. The Solaray Halal certification is accredited by Jakim authority as such it can be consumed by Muslim customer in Malaysia. Click here for The Recognised Foreign HALAL Certification Bodies & Authorities By Jakim.

As you can see from the letter issued by the authorized representative from Nutraceutical lab, Ying Xiao, PhD. Solaray company confirmed purchase hard gelatin capsule from Universal Capsules, a subsidiary of Associated Capsules Pvt .Ltd., who is the holder of the enclosed Halal certificate (Registration No.0127). Click here for Cover Letter Hard Shell Gelatin Capsule Supplier Halal Certification.

You may refer to the Jakim authority official website: Please refer to The Recognized Foreign Halal Certification Bodies.