Did you know 99% of

body's calcium is stored in our bones?

Bones are so important, it is critical that we maintain good bone health throughout our lives. Healthy bones provide a strong foundation for mobility and injury protection. our bones stores 99% of our body's calcium, which aid in the support of numerous organs in our bodies.

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Are Your Bones

Absorbing Calcium Well?

Research shows the absorption of calcium from dairy products and fortified foods is generally only about 30%.

Calcium intake that is not absorbed well into the bones, may ‘’spill’’ into our bloodstream and lead to hardening of our blood vessels, which could affect cardiovascular functions and ultimately compromise our bone density and strength.

Good News! There are ways to prevent Calcium ‘’spillage’’ into our bloodstream.

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Did You Know That Muscle Weakness or Stiffness

Can Contribute To Lower Back Pain?

Research shows individuals with lower back pain has significantly lower muscle strength, especially in the lower limb area.

Lower back pain is inevitable if most of your days demand pressure and stress in your back.

Sitting for long periods, slouching, improper sleeping positions and limited physical activities are the most common causes of this condition.

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Did you know? Worldwide, osteoporosis causes more than 8.9 million fractures annually. Many often are unaware that they have osteoporosis, until they break a bone.

Lack of weight-bearing exercise, steroid intake, unhealthy diet, heavy smoking and heavy drinking are the main contributor to this disease.

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Have You Been Experiencing

Stiff Joints, Recently?

“As you swing your legs to get out of bed in the morning, you feel an ache in your knee. But as you forced your knee to stretch outwards, you feel like your joints are locked!”

If your answer is “YES, I have experienced this!”
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As our bodies get older, we lose a small amount of flexibility as a result of the normal aging process. Joints tends to have a “wear-and-tear” issue.

It is commonly faced by many, from all walks of life. When our joints cartilage become thinner, joints discomfort arise and flexibility is reduced.

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